you drag your feet along this hallway
it seems endless, pointless
but yet you continue
pointing your only source of light
in the direction ahead of you

you feel a myriad of emotions
tired yet enthusiatic
in hopes of finding something, anything
at the end of this all

you have survived multitude of steps
just to come this far
finally, you see something
and it seems like you have reached
the end of the hallway
a rush of blood pumps though your veins
and you anxiously reach out your hand
to open the door infront of you

the thought of unlocking a whole new dimension
builds up excitement in your head
you twist and turn the knob
but only to realize
the door is locked

you sign in dismay
but why give up so easily
afterall, you have come so far

suddenly you had a thought
so you shined your source of light
in another direction
is that another corridor
it is dark
but you hesitantly walk forward anyway

you take a peek
you cannot believe it...

you have finally woken up from your dream.


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